All shooters are considered members of our club.  Paying members are VOTING members.  There is no requirement to become a Paying/Voting member of our club or of the USPSA to shoot with us.  While there is no requirement, we do encourage everyone to support not only the sport by joining USPSA but to also support the club you shoot with.  Most all shooting clubs survive on shoestring budgets.  Many ranges are going away.   We lose these ranges every day due to encroachment of developments, lack of support, and interest as well as progress.  Once gone, they can rarely be brought back. 



Voting Membership is easy. 



  • Be legally able to own a firearm
  • Be an NRA member
  • Shoot with our club a minimum of three times
  • Ask club member to be your sponsor
  • Request an application from the secretary
  • Complete the application and pay the $50.00 annual membership fee 

Board will vote on membership applications before the next monthly shooting match.


Acceptance is not guaranteed - Any membership that is denied will receive a refund of their paid membership fee.


Paying Membership is $50.00. Membership can be paid through Stripe or with PayPal (to the account of, in person, or by mail. Make checks payable to Hawkeye Gun Club, mail to Penny Gilliam, 2136 Owl Hollow Road, Mill Spring, NC  28756